Futterneid / Candy Crave
You do not play with food? Wrong!

Friedemann Friese
Graphics & Design: Harald Lieske

# of players:
Age: 8+
Playing time: 25 minutes

The final game in Friedemann Friese‘s Friday-Project.

BILINGUAL EDITION: Includes German and English rules! Language independent game parts!

Idea of the Game

Futterneid (aka Candy Crave) offers the final answer for the recurring questions at every game table: “How do we actually split all the sweets loaded with calories, that Marcus brought today?“ or “How do I get most of the delicious sweets and make sure that the others get all the healthy stuff?“

Candy Crave is a fast game about the distribution of sweets during game night.

Of course you can play this game without real food. But we strongly suggest to use real sweets. If you prefer, you can also use vegetables or fruit

- 5 sets of 5 favorite tiles
- 10 base value tiles
- 50 sweets in 5 types
- 5 dividers „play area/locked sweets“
- 5 bowls
- 1 sticker sheet
- 1 rules sheet (German/English)
- 1 achievement sheet
Download Rules Sheet
[Linkpfeil] The German & English Rules Sheet

Download Rules Sheet
 The German & English rules sheet