Funkenschlag: Das Kartenspiel
The Funkenschlag experience in 60 minutes

Author: Friedemann Friese
Graphics & Design: Harald Lieske

# of players: 2-6
Age: 12+
Playing time: 60 minutes

Theme of the Game
In Funkenschlag: Das Kartenspiel, the players represent CEOs of mighty power companies producing electricity.

During the game, the players bid for power plants at auctions and supply them with resources. Their income depends on the amount of electricity produced in each round. At the end of the game, the player who produces the most electricity wins the game.

Idea of the Game
Funkenschlag: Das Kartenspiel offers all the tension and tactics well-known of its two big brothers - Funkenschlag and Funkenschlag deluxe — without using the different maps. You get the full Funkenschlag emotions in an intensive playing time of sixty minutes!

To give two players an exciting experience, they will play with the Trust acting as a third player. While challenging the opponent, they must incorporate the schemes of the competing Trust in their plans and use these schemes against their opponent.

This game includes a small variant for the Demolition Contractor. This variant is playable with Funkenschlag: Das Kartenspiel, and all maps of Funkenschlag deluxe and Funkenschlag!

- 118 playing cards
- playing money
- 1 discount token
- 1 rules booklet

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