Fünf Gurken / Five Cucumbers
... don‘t get caught in a pickle!

traditional, arranged by Friedemann Friese
Graphics & Design: Harald Lieske

# of players:
Age: 8+
Playing time: 25 minutes

In Northern Europe well known as Agurk (DK), Gurka (S), Ogórek (PL) oder Kurkku (SF).

BILINGUAL EDITION: Includes German and English rules! Language independent game parts!

Theme of the Game
Fünf Gurken (aka Five Cucumbers) is a trick-taking game with the goal of NOT winning the last trick!

Idea of the Game
It‘s not easy. You have two choices on your turn: Take over a trick by playing a high card or discard your lowest card. It is not enough to keep a low card in your hand for the last trick as you will also need some high cards for taking over key tricks. Five Cucumbers is a modern variant of the trick-taking game Agurk, which is well-known primarily in Scandinavia. We are excited to bring you our new version!

- 60 playing cards
- 30 cucumbers
- 1 rules sheet (German/English)

Download Rules Sheet
 The German & English rules sheet