Fremde Federn

Author: Friedemann Friese
Graphics & Design: Harald Lieske

# of players: 2-4
Age: 12+
Playing time: 95 minutes


In a fable commonly attributed to Aesop, a jackdaw adorned himself with borrowedplumes to make himself appear more majestic than he actually was, only to be exposedby his peers. Although the fable is ancient, its moral, do not strut in borrowed plumes lest you risk being exposed, still holdstrue today. You do not have to live in a banana republic, in which corruption, betrayal and deception are common place, to be bribed, deceived and cheated. And if it can happen in your own circle of friends, which can have an especially painful and bitter effect, it can certainly happen on the big stage of politics. In fact, politics is a hotbed of power-hungry and egocentric personalities, who will often stop at nothing to advance their own political careers and agendas. Money changes hands, empty promises are made, shameless lies are told and power is abused, and: some people even buy their own doctor titles! Any similarities to real people or events, whether in image or content, are purely coincidental and not deliberate!

Idea of the game
Put yourself in the shoes of a politician and start your political campaign. In “Copycat”, the end justifies the means: it is not how you are elected, but that you are elected. Collect victory points to move around the career path as far as possible. So, put away your scruples, stick out your elbows, and let your political campaign begin!

Fremde Federn is a game consisting of “Dominion”, “Agricola” and “Through the Ages”. These three games are the columns, on which “Copycat” stands (on which the base mechanisms of this game derive).

The three authors of these three games were asked, if Friedemann is allowed to proceed. Friedemann gives his thanks to Uwe Rosenberg, Vlaada Chvatil and Donald X. Vaccarino for their permission to use their creative ideas for this project.

- 1 huge game board
- 114 playing cards
- 28 campaign workers
- 8 playing tokens
- 25 green victory point tokens
- 1 achievement sheet
- 1 rules booklet
1 overview sheet