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  2F-Spiele at SPIEL ’17 in Essen


You find our booth from 26.-29. October in Hall 3, L104 & L108.

  SPIEL 2017 - „25 years of 2F-Spiele“ - Presents for Donations

We cleaned up our warehouses and found several treasures!

For a donation of 2 Euro in addition to each purchase at our booth, you get a green cloth bag including a PRESENT*!

All donations are for „Hort & Spiel e.V.“ - www.hort-und-spiel.de in Bremen.

*While stocks last (only 250 bags available). The presents are rare games from the 2F-Spiele archive. Limited to one bag per person.

  SPIEL 2017 - Meeting Friedemann at the Booth

From Thursday to Saturday you can meet Friedemann between 13:00 and 13:30 at our booth for pictures and autographs.

  The Fast Forward Series!

At end of October 2017 2F-Spiele publishes the new Fast Forward Series with three completely different games:

Furcht, Festung & Flucht

Start playing without needing to read game rules in advance!


  The new solitaire game!

At end of October 2017 2F-Spiele publishes the new solitaire game Fertig!

A brand new way to play Solitaire!

  Two new expansions!
At end of October 2017 2F-Spiele publishes two new expansions:
Funkenschlag: Fabel-Erweiterung

  Nomination for Fabelsaft!

The Merz Verlag nominated Fabelsaft for „innoSPIEL 2017“..

  Award for Fabelsaft!

The Wiener Spiele Akademie awarded Fabelsaft as „Spiele Hit mit Freunden 2017“.

  Fabelsaft recommended!

The Jury Spiel des Jahres placed Fabelsaft on the Recommendation list for „Spiel des Jahres“ 2017.

  Fabelsaft is nominated!

Fabelsaft is nominated for Origins Award 2017 in the category „Best Traditional Card Game“

  Fabelsaft wins!

Fabelsaft wins Hunter & Cron Patreon Award as Best Family Game.

  504 - The Ultimate Web Page

We set up a web page for 504, where you can rate and comment all Worlds of 504.

Please check out

504 FAQ, Clarifications and Errata
for the 1st print run

Sadly, some vague sentences and mistakes slipped into the rules booklet and the Book of Worlds.

The following PDF contains these items. Please accept our apologies!

English PDF with FAQ, Clarifications and Errata for 504

Funkenschlag: 2-player-variant "Against the Trust"

Now, you can play the 2-player-variant from Funkenschlag deluxe also with Funkenschlag.

   2-player-variant "Against the Trust"

Dear retailers!


Since October 2013 all games from 2F-Spiele are exclusively distributed by Spiel Direkt eG.

The new games "Futterneid" and "Fünf Gurken" are bilingual editions (German/English), "Friese's Landlord" and "Folder" are released as English editions.

For more informations please visit


The Future will be green

Here at 2F-Spiele we knew this all the while, now the remaining world follows:

Link: (Sorry, German news article):

Frequently asked questions & answers for Funkenschlag
Frequently asked questions and answers for Fürchterliche Feinde.
FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Funkenschlag - Expansion Benelux/Central Europe